Pet the Harper

* Because hes had a rough season 2 and needs it.

* Because he has a nice ass and arms.

* Because its one of the few ways you can get him to slow down for a few moments.

* Because the Harper is good.

* Because he wiggles when hes happy.

* Because once he bonds with you, hes a faithful companion for life.

* Because you know you want to.

* Because he wears kneepads most of the time and we want to encourage that kind of behavior.

* Because hes the Xander of Andromeda and needs some loving. Of the non-demon variety, thank you.

* Because you know he's fen.

* Because he could fix the timer on your VCR and get you an illegal cable hook-up.

* Because he explains the science to you with his own distinctive, enthusiastic spin.

* Because it would help boost his immune system.

* Because you want to see if those spikes are soft or prickly.

* Because you wonder what his data port feels like.

* Because the static electricity generated could have many uses.

* Because you could use the static electricity to shock Tyr and then run like hell.

* Because petting can lead to so many other nice things.

* Because some of those shirts have to be touched to be believed.

* Because some of his energy might rub off and Harper bounce is better than caffeine.

* Because hell pet you back.

* Because he won't let you spank him. Yet.

* Because he needs someone to wipe away the Bad Touches of a few hundred Magog.

* Because Dylan doesn't appreciate him enough.

* Because you know Beka pets him.

* Because Trance wants to, but he doesn't trust her.

* Because Rev did, and we never want to see that again.

* Because Rommie could but chooses not to, so we must make up for her loss.

* Because Tyr can.

* Because you can.

Because Nico asked for it and Livia had a great idea with her Smallville link campaigns (such as Hug Lex Now!) and because Harper really needs it, pet the Harper now!

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to help people know why he must be petted would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Some reasons contributed by Kass, Shotboxer, and Karra. The last two buttons were made by the very talented Tara.