"The Road to Somewhere"
By Viridian5

RATING: NC-17; Fraser/Kowalski. If m/m interaction bothers you, walk on by.
SPOILERS: "Mojo Rising"
SUMMARY: Fraser and Ray end up taking an unexpected detour.
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NOTES: Oodles of inspiring factors. I actually drove through the weather mentioned here one night recently and had a leaf run-in of my own. The extradition McGuffin came from Homicide: Life on the Street, "The Hat," which I saw that night.
Thanks to Zoe, Latonya, and Kasha (Serge Party NYC 9/4/99) for helping me realize that I could take it to the backseat. The hairís for Te, who provided support all through my long haul on this story. Thanks to Te and Latonya for the final read-through!


"The Road to Somewhere"
By Viridian5

Lightning briefly painted the night sky bright again. Ray gripped the wheel harder and tried to shake off the feeling of unreality. Everything looked too damned strange. When a family of small brown animals scampered across the road ahead, he hit the brakes hard. //Shit!// The GTO swerved a bit, but he managed to stop in time.

"Ray, whatís wrong?"

Ray pulled off onto the grass near the side of the road, took a deep breath, and tried to restart his heart. "I almost ran over Chip and Dale." He opened the window to let more air in; maybe then he could start breathing again.

Fraser looked confused. "Arenít they male dancers? I donít see how they relate to us right now."

A world in which Constable Fraser knew about the strippers but not the Disney characters was a fine place to live in indeed. "I almost hit a flock of chipmunks."

Fraser smiled. "Ray, those were leaves. However, they did reach the other side safely thanks to your quick reflexes."


"A Ďflockí of dried leaves."

"Yeah? Well, Iím protector of all wild things. Maybe theyíll tell their descendants about me in their mouth to mouth history."

"Mouth to mouth?"

"Like yer Inuits, yeah."

"That would be oral history."

"Ya sher? That sounds too kinky."

"Yet Ďmouth to mouthí does not?"

"You got a point there."

"I think you need sleep, Ray. I could drive--"

"And weíd never get there. No thanks. I just need a little air." He got out of the car and stretched. Leaves rustled hard in the strong breeze, and loud chirruping came out of the night in pulses of sound. Ray didnít know why people referred to the woods as quiet and peaceful, because it sure didnít seem to be. Ozone, sharp and bitter, hung in the cool, charged air. "Feels like itís gonna pour." Just what they needed.

Fraser had gotten out with him, no doubt so he wouldnít have to yell to make himself heard. "Then we should stop for the night."

Ray held out his arms and turned right. Trees. Then he looked left. More trees. "I donít see no hotels here, Frase."

"We could sleep in the car."

"I love the GTO like it was my firstborn, but Iím gonna be crippled come morning."

"From the directions, we should have reached an area with hotels and businesses by now. I think weíre lost, Ray."

"No way. Canít be." Ray went back into the car and sat down to look at the map. Fraser got back in too. A cold, wet nose rubbed against his cheek. "Can you read maps, Dief? I doubt it. So give me some room here, will ya?"

"Actually, Ray--"

"No, I donít wanna hear about it. I have a little sanity left, and I wanna keep it, okay? If Dief really can read maps, I donít wanna know." Ray tried to unfold the map better. "Shit. I donít even know what number road weíre on. Whatís our number, Frase?"

Fraser actually blushed. "I donít know."

"You throw suggestions from the passenger seat all the time when I donít want Ďem. You pay attention to everythiní. Are ya trying to tell me that the one time I want ya to get involved in my driviní, you werenít paying attention?"

"Iím afraid so, Ray. Weíre lost."

"Weíre not lost. We just donít know where we are." Ray leaned back into his seat and started to laugh weakly at the look Fraser was giving him. "Okay, weíre a little lost." Ray shook his head. "Damn, I must be tired. Thatís the second time I agreed with ya tonight.""I see it as a show of your innate good sense."

Ray couldnít help smiling. "I shouldíve known itís Ďgood senseí when I agree with ya."

Suddenly, giant drops hit the windshield hard, as if the sky were spitting at them, right before rain crashed down in sheets. Through the open window. Cursing, Ray got soaked instantly and rolled the window up as quickly as possible to prevent drowning. Heíd never moved so fast in his life. That still left him cold, more than half-soaked, and sitting in a puddle of water. He could feel the dampness spreading out slimy tentacles to the right side of his body. He didnít even want to think about clammy his ass felt or what the water was doing to the GTOís upholstery.


"I canít talk right now, Fraser." It came out strangled. "Ya donít wanna hear what I wanna say, Ďcause what I wanna say ainít real polite. Hand me some napkins?"

"Of course. Anything I could--"

"Not really," Ray said. Since Fraser looked a little hurt, Ray continued, "Not enough room in the driverís seat fer me to do the wiping up, Frase."

Ray leaned forward against the steering wheel so he could mop up the seat. Any attempts to dry his clothing left shreds of soaked paper stuck to him, so he abandoned that. Since he didnít have any other place to put them, he left the drenched napkins in a small pile on the floor.

Ray reached for his cell phone. Maybe they could.... It dripped as he brought it out. He already knew these things didnít work well when wet, but he tried it anyway. It wouldnít even turn on. He tossed the phone onto the dashboard, raised his hands to start beating on the steering wheel, remembered he was in the GTO, petted the wheel in apology //sorry, Dad//, and went back to muttering curses under his breath. He couldnít look at Fraser, who had that Iím-worried-and-here-to-support-you look going. Ray couldnít have kept his cool, such as it was, seeing that.

"You have a change of clothing with you," Fraser said. They both did; Lieutenant Welsh had known the drive would take two days and told them to pack for it. Since they wouldnít be reaching their captured fugitive until tomorrow, Ray had managed to convince Fraser to wear street clothing and leave the uniform for the next dayís official duties.

Which got Ray to looking at Fraser and trying not to be distracted, again, by the stretched collar of Fraserís sweater. All of his non-duty shirts looked like that, and it made Ray wonder if he stretched them during violent necking or something. The thought made Ray feel a little warmer, but not enough. //We should do some--// Besides, he wasnít going to think about that, especially not now when it looked like theyíd be spending the night confined in the car.

Ray sighed. "Thatís a nice thought, but do you wanna go out to the trunk to get Ďem?"

Fraser gave it some thought, obviously listening to the rain pounding the car, then started to unbuckle his seatbelt.

"No! Frase, thatís just stupid. No point in us both being soaked and cold."

"Your lips are turning blue."

Ray turned to face him. "Iím sure itís a good look on me." When Fraserís lips quirked, Ray asked, "What?" He looked at himself in the rearview mirror. The hair on the right side of his head still stood up the way it should, but the left had been plastered down to his skull in wet spikes. He looked like an extra from one of the Road Warrior movies. "Son of a-- Next time you give me some guff about the wonders of nature, Iím gonna remind you about all this." Ray spread the water through his hair with his fingers to at least get an even, if still nearly flat, look, something like Rutger Hauer at the end of Blade Runner.

"I donít want you to get sick, Ray."

Ray thought of how cold and disgusting he felt while he looked at the water sheeting down the windows of his car. They really were stuck here for the night. Alone. In a small space. With not much to do to keep them occupied. And Ray could feel Fraserís heat and smell him and, oh, we were not going there.

"I already feel sick." He squawked as Fraser pulled him over to the passenger seat. "Hey! Whatís all this?"

"I need to get you warm, Ray."

Ray soon found himself pressed to a broad sweater-clad chest and partly wrapped in Fraserís buffalo plaid coat. While sitting on Fraserís lap. "Uh, sharing body heat, right?" Would he complain? Hell, no, not if he was forced to be here. But... "Frase, Iím gonna get you--"

"Itís all right."

"I just donít want you to be cold and damp and smelliní like a wet sheep."

"It wouldnít be the first--"

"Oh, I so donít wanna know."

Ray could hear the smile in his voice. "Understood, Ray."

Given permission and encouragement, Ray tried to settle his legs in a more comfortable position--they were both too long to be sharing a seat--and pressed in closer. If there was one thing he was good at, it was clinging like plastic wrap. When Ray breathed in deeply, he caught the scent of some darkly spicy soap that he never smelled on anyone else. He thought of this scent as the non-duty one; it struck him as more sensual than the other, also good smelling, soap Fraser used while he was doing the uniformed bit. Fraser always smelled so good somehow....

As all the things heíd been doing such a good job of Not Thinking about came flooding in, Ray resigned himself to another night of frustration. Sure, he really enjoyed the kissing, hugging, and snuggling, and it gave him a deep thrill every time Fraser said, I love you. But he had wanted to pounce on Fraser since the very first day theyíd met, and the time for consummated pouncing still hadnít arrived yet. It wouldnít be for the right reasons, or one of them was too tired, or they were in an impossible place, or.... Most times, they were good reasons, and he respected good reasons and understood them. Heíd waited for and courted Stella long ago, and it had all been worth it. Pushing always ruined things.

But Ray had never spent so much time so close to Stella in those wooing years. Sometimes Fraser could just look at him, just for a moment, and heíd have to fight the urge to slingshot himself at his partner shouting, Take me now! But that was unprofessional, uncool. Pretty much un-everything that had anything to do with respecting the boundaries Fraser had set for them.

Except that Fraser was the one who wasnít respecting the boundaries right now. Hot hands pushed up under Rayís shirt and seemed to leave steaming trails across his cold, damp skin. Sitting on Fraserís lap told him something else.

"Now yer up fer this?" Ray asked with a smirk.

"Ray." Fraserís voice was all breath, all sex. Ray shivered. "I have something shameful to confess."

//This could be good.// "It canít be too bad."

"I donít know what route weíre on because I spent the whole ride watching you drive instead."

If Ray hadnít been hard before.... "I think thatís the sexiest thing anyoneís ever said to me."

"Well then, I have another confession to make." Fraserís voice somehow went deeper. "I need you right now."

//Wow. Just, wow. I have a new number one sexiest thing already. Go, Frase!// Ray still couldnít resist a little teasing, not when the shoe was on the other foot. "Confessionís good fer the soul, Frase. So, what are you gonna do about it?"

Fraser pulled Ray up a bit and claimed his mouth in a devouring kiss. Just took possession, and possession was nine-tenths of the law, yeah.... Usually his brain didnít start running off in weird directions this early in the make-out, but his partner wasnít "usual" in any way, not at all. //Heís so hot itís like burning alive, but in a good, wanting-it way....// Wrapped around Fraser as Fraser was wrapped around him, Ray didnít think heíd ever feel cold again.

"You taste wonderful, Ray," Fraser breathed between kisses, and Ray had to grin as he thought a sending a testimonial to the Big Red people: "Yeah, you can kiss a little longer...." He almost choked on the thought of swapping gum with Fraser sometime. //Brain, if ya canít do anything useful, take a hike, huh?//

Fraserís hands seemed to be everywhere, which Ray didnít mind at all. Ray rocked against him and kissed and stroked everything on him that wasnít against the seat. It was so cramped here that they were forced into near full-body contact at all times, which was fun now but would become a problem later. Ray decided not to think about later right now. He couldnít tell if the pounding he heard came from the rain or his own heart.

When Ray heard a *whuff!* from the driverís seat, he opened his eyes and turned to look. Diefenbaker stared back at him. "Uh, Fraser, yer wolfís watching us."

"Heís never done that before." Fraser showed a total lack of concern and stared to suck on a spot behind Rayís ear that Ray hadnít even realized was a Spot.

Ray bucked. "Ohhhhh... Ya got yerself a peeping wolf there."

"Is that a problem?"

"Not really," Ray moaned. When Diefenbaker sighed, Rayís brain tried to work and brought up something about him and Fraser once switching, passenger seat to driver seat, without getting out of the car. //Wait a minute.// "If Diefís here in the frontseat, heís not in the backseat."

Ray almost giggled as he could feel a frustrated Fraser trying hard not to say something snippy in response to such a stunningly obvious remark. Fraser settled on: "I would have to agree, Ray."

//Good Mountie, but yer brainís not working too good either right now. Itís cute.// "Fra-ser. The. Back. Seat. Is. Empty." //Brain, 1. Ray, 1. Hey, Fraser, 1, too. Everybody wins.//


Ray smirked and pulled away, though with a bone deep reluctance. //Patience. Soon.// Fraser managed to squeeze over the top of the seat to get to the back. Before Ray followed, he said, "Thanks, Dief. I owe you one."

"Thatís not a good idea, Ray. Heíll never let you forget it," Fraser said from the backseat. Diefenbaker whined, sounding insulted.

"Iím feeling mag-- Iím feeliní generous. Now look out below." Fraser actually squeaked when Ray landed on him. "Did you just squeak? I like it."


"Yeah, yeah, I can always torture ya later."

The seat wasnít long enough to lie all the way out, so it forced Fraser to bend and separate in ways that Ray could take full advantage of. Ray used his own flexibility just as ruthlessly, draping and sliding atop his partner as they kissed. //I claim this Mountie in the name of--// He had the delirious feeling that he should have a flag to plant. His dirty mind immediately gave him the image of what he could plant instead, and he nearly choked.

Fraser had his mind on business, though, and sat them up to help the stripping process. Efficient all the way. Fortunately, one of the tasks heíd set his oh so capable self to was driving Ray insane with his mouth. Wet heat nipped and sucked on one, then the other, of Rayís nipples while assertive fingers undid his fly. Clever tongue, surprisingly sharp teeth.... All the while he could only lean against the window and moan, since overload had made sitting upright and speaking impossible. At least he could still stroke Fraserís soft, dark hair and grind against his tormentor, showing his appreciation through body language.

Fraser kissed and sucked his way down Rayís ribs, tasting and seeming to savor every inch of skin, until he reached Rayís cock... and bypassed it completely. He ignored every whimpered plea with a smile before he relented and took it in inch by inch.

Ray wanted to buck and thrust so badly, but he wouldnít, not when it meant he might hurt the partner he loved. He managed to choke out: "Please, soon. Canít--"

Fraser must have known, because he stopped teasing and started to suck, gently toying with Rayís balls the whole time. Tongue, teeth, the vibration of Fraserís voice.... //Oh God, itís my name, over and over.// Even through the haze of pleasure, Ray couldnít help being amazed at the sight of his usually prim and proper partnerís head bobbing in his lap, that perfect mouth wrapped around him. Most of the restraints had been tossed away.... He came hard, shouting Fraserís name.

Exhausted and euphoric, Ray sagged against the window, feeling as if his body had been molded into a different shape. Theyíd steamed up the windows, and his hair had scratched sharp, arcing patterns into it as heíd writhed.

Fraserís mouth met Rayís. //Thatís me on his tongue....// Between kisses, Ray whispered, "I love you."

"And I, you, Ray."

"Tell me what you wanna do. Anything. Anything you want. Iíll do it for ya. Anything."

"I love your hands." Fraser took Ray by the wrist and started to suck on his fingers one by one. "I nee-- I want to feel them... on me." Fraser let his wrist go with a feathery caress that made his nerves sing.

Ray wrapped those slick fingers around Fraserís dripping cock and smiled at the gasp that followed. Smooth, hot skin seethed and moved at Rayís touch. He alternated caresses with pulls and teased the vein along the underside mercilessly. Fraser actually growled when he wasnít nipping at Rayís neck. They moved together in a flurry of stroking hands.

Ray could feel Fraserís oncoming orgasm in tremors through his cock and balls. "Come fer me, Fraser. Fer me...." Ray whispered into Fraserís ear before tonguing it. His partner obeyed, moaning, coming in a splash of warmth against Rayís belly.

Gasping, Ray slumped back against the window again as Fraser licked him clean in broad, thorough strokes. "Oh God, yer so good to me, so good...."

If he hadnít been driving most of the day, he might have been ready to go another time. Right now, he just wanted to curl up with Fraser and sleep. He couldnít stop grinning at how theyíd gone after one another like horny teenagers in the backseat of his dadís car. Of course, the sex hadnít been this good back then.

"Did you like that, Ray?"

Ray looked at the laughing gleam in Fraserís eyes and displayed his most self-satisfied grin. "You need to ask?" Strong, capable hands started to put Rayís clothes back on. "Hey, hey, hey! Whatís all this?"

"We need to look presentable if someone comes across us while weíre sleeping. Right now, you look like a hastily unwrapped present. A debauched, delicious, hastily unwrapped present, but I still donít think it would be right for anyone else to see you like this."

"And whose fault is that? Possessive git...." Ray surrendered himself to Fraserís tender, careful touches. "Yeah, you can dress me. Anything else you want to do to me is fine too."

"Iím glad you said that, Ray."


"Oh, nothing."


A smile as slow and dark as honey settled on Fraserís face. "Got you."

"Yeah, yeah, ya do." Fraser kissed Ray and completed his ensemble with the buffalo plaid coat. "Whatís up with--"

"Your jacket is still damp."

Wrapped in Fraserís warmth and scent, Ray couldnít feel any more secure. "You donít have to--"

"I want to."

"Thanks," Ray said, his voice choking up in his throat. "Now I dress you."

Once they had Fraser dressed, they tried to find a comfortable way to sleep. Lying down curled up on the seat together didnít work no matter how they twisted. Dief made sounds from his seat in the front that sounded to Ray like he was laughing at them. Finally Fraser and Ray got as comfortable as they could sitting up with Fraserís head resting, cushioned, against the window and Rayís against his shoulder. The slow, steady pounding of Fraserís heart and the fast rushing of rain against the car swiftly put Ray to sleep.

Barking woke Ray up. //Life in the big-- Hey, wait a minute.// He rubbed his eyes and groaned as his stiff back and neck reminded him that heíd be nothing without them. Every other part of his body sang with that warm, I-got-mine happiness. //Majority rules.// His fuzzy eyes took in car, Fraser, Diefenbaker, cop rapping on the window from outside. Cop outside?

Ray rolled down the window and twisted until he could lean out. It would help him see better. He smiled as he breathed in air washed clean and fresh by the night rain. Golden sunlight streamed in dancing patterns through the leaves. Nature wasnít all bad.

Oh yeah, the cop. "Ah, hi. Good morniní. Can I help ya?"

It was one of those big, beefy Polish guys, the ones who looked like they could pull a plow if the family oxen ever took ill. Ray remembered desperately wishing as a kid that he could have looked like that instead of being a scrawny, skinny-ass geek in Coke bottle glasses. //Being named "Stanley" sure didnít help either.// Eventually he realized that there was no shame in taking after his motherís side of the family, but it had been a long, hard road.

"I saw your car sitting at the side of the road and wanted to make

sure you were okay."

//And to ask us to kindly move along. Canít blame him.// "Weíre dandy. Just decided it would be safer not to drive through the storm and dark, yíknow."

"I would say thatís good judgment."

Young and polite and starched into stiffness. The cop reminded Ray of Fraser a little, the official Fraser, and that made him smile. It also made him do something he would normally never do. "We got a bit turned around in the rain. We were takiní 55 to St. Louis. What should we do to get where weíre going?" //Glad Fraser isnít awake to see this. If this kid smirks....//

The kid didnít smirk. "You didnít get too badly turned around. If you keep taking this road in the direction you were going, youíll hit 64. Canít miss it. Taking 64 west will get you to 55 again. Youíre good from there, right?" Painfully earnest.

"Yeah. Thatís greatness. Thanks!" //Didnít take us too far out of the way after all, see?//

The cop actually blushed. Blushed? Had to be that he was just blond, and thatís how things went. "Uh, no problem. Glad to be helpful." He retreated to his car.

"What was that all about?" Ray asked aloud.

"You smiled at him, Ray."

Ray looked back at his partner. "That was one of those rhetorical questions. Werenít playing possum, were ya?"

Fraser looked like Mountie innocence personified. "No, Ray. I just didnít want to interfere."

"Riiiight. So, I smiled at him."

"More precisely, you gave him that smile that seems to say that you think everyone around you is beautiful and you want to make love to every single one of them."

"Get outta here! Yer kidding!"

"Not at all. I love that smile."

Ray put his hand over his eyes. "I donít do that a lot, do I?"

"No, Ray. People have to earn that smile from you."

"Thatís good. The thought of turniní the world on with my smile all day long does not appeal."

"Normally I would disagree with that, but in this case I must concur."

Ray leaned back against Fraser. "Possessive git."

Fraser stroked Rayís hair. Just from the way the caresses felt, Ray could tell that his hair had fluffed up a bit as it had dried. Good morning.

"Your possessive git," Fraser said.

"Better be."

"In any case, if I had to defend you from suitors all day long I wouldnít have time for anything else."

"And some of that Ďanything elseí is a lot of fun." Ray sighed. "But if we donít get goiní, Iím gonna be in a heap of trouble. Were you Ďnot interferingí through the directions?"

"I was. It seems that we werenít too terribly lost."

"See, thereís really no such thing as getting lost."


Ray smiled and wondered if it was the "youíre beautiful" smile. He hoped so. "Nope. Every road takes you somewhere."


*********************THE END************************