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"Under the Night"

Gaheris Rhadeís back and Dylan Huntís front | Dylan is happy to see Harper | Harper


"An Affirming Flame"

Tyr in his bandoleers (I miss them) | Harper jacking in | Beka | Rommie onscreen and Harper smiling/smirking | worried | Harper and Beka


"D Minus Zero"

Dylan checks on Harper in an access tunnel


"Double Helix"

Beka with force lance


"Angel Dark, Demon Bright"

Dylan confers with Harper


"The Banks of the Lethe"

Harper | Rommie is not amused | Beka watches the machine work


"A Rose in the Ashes"

Rommie in a cage | Dylan and Rommie on the prison planet


"All Great Neptuneís Ocean"

You can dress Ďem up but just try to take Ďem out | Tyrís force lance | Why Harper doesn't use a force lance?


"The Pearls That Were His Eyes"

Beka and her first season rings | Trance and Beka are tied up at the moment


"Harper 2.0"

Harper and Beka on the Maru | Harper opens the killer beachball | Harper at work | Trance | some cure | Rev | Revís claws too close to Harperís head | Itís torture and Harperís almost there


"The Sum of Its Parts"

Harper plugged in | You sure you want to mess with Harper? | A united front | Harper explains the nanobots of war to Dylan | more explaining | queen of all she surveys


"Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way"

Harperís pissed off | Harperís doubtful | Harper's really pissed off | Here we go | Oh, please | It's not as easy as it looks



Harper reacts to what may be a naughty suggestion | Harper ponders Rommie's lovelife | Harper really ponders Rommie's lovelife | Harper loves physics | Rommie in grief


"It Makes a Lovely Light"

The strain is starting to show


"Its Hour Come ĎRound at Last"

Plugging in | Harper inside Rommie's matrix | and the matrix changes.... | Tyr shuts Harper up | Harper and Tyr against the Magog | Beka armors up | Harper and Tyrís last stand pic 1 | Harper and Tyr's last stand pic 2 | Rommieís expression at being impaled on a Magog spear | and still


"Exit Strategies"

hologram Rommie in front of Trance and android Rommie | Rev


"A Heart for Falsehood Framed"



"All Too Human"

windswept Rommie


"Una Salus Victus"

Stay 1 | Stay 2


"Home Fires"

Dylan | Harper and Rev


"Into the Labyrinth"

"Can't" or "won't"? | Not what he expected | the Harper watchdog program | Beka makes herself at home | Beka


"Bunker Hill"

Cousin Brendan | aftermath



Harper nearing the end | a peck on the cheek | a possible future Beka | Beka now | Trance, future and past and now present


"Lava and Rockets"

new recipe Trance | Rommie of the dark blue hair


"Be All My Sins Remembered"

The Flashbacks
Introducing old-style feral wolf boy Harper, with Beka | observe old-style feral wolf boy Harper a little closer | "I like it here." | Beka | Harper is not happy | Really not happy

Present Time
Two Rommies, two bad hairstyles


"Dance of the Mayflies"

Harper and Tyr | "I'm wearing protection." | Run | Tyr


"In Heaven Now Are Three"

Trance says that Tyr will die | Beka's having one of those days | Beka disagrees, for all the good it does her


"The Fair Unknown"

Unleash hell | Harper sees his first Vedran, while Trance helps


"Belly of the Beast"

Trance | Harper asks if this is what she wants | Harper, glad to be alive | Getting down


"Immaculate Perception"

"You're back! And your front!" | "You okay?"


"Tunnel at the End of the Light"

Beka | taking aim


"If the Wheel Is Fixed"

He's back! | Schrodinger's cat? If not, it's the Inexplicable Kitten of Doom


"The Shards of Rimni"

Enjoy that hoverboard while you can | Harper and Dylan, jailed | It's a finger, all right


"Cui Bono"

Dylan gets too familiar with Harper's port


"Slipfighter the Dogs of War"



"For Whom the Bell Tolls"

Beka | In a hammock, but Harper's not sleeping... | ...though he tries to here


"And Your Heart Will Fly Away"

Harper and Beka. Alone in a scene together for the second week in a row. | Matched set | Harper has several suggestions, but Beka doesn't think Dylan wants to hear them | Rommie | Andromeda


"The Unconquerable Man"

Hologram Andromeda | Harper meets Rhade | Harper talks fast | Hey, it's Saint Harper! | Harper with his new boss | Rhade | Tyr | Rhade's ready for Tyr | Rhade's holo advisors | Harper | "Good intentions. Hell. You draw the map." | A few more riffs on "Good intentions": 1, 2, 3


"Delenda Est"

The Improbable Kitten of Doom is now more of an Improbable Cat of Doom | Trance


"The Dark Backward"

One of the many deaths of Harper | Rommie on the attack


"The Right Horse"



"What Happens to a Rev Deferred?"

New formula Rev, with Beka


"Twilight of the Idols"

Dylan | Harper onscreen


"Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath"

The Balance of Judgement and Rommie in Rommie's mind | The Balance of Judgement in Rommie's body


"Pieces of Eight"



"Waking the Tyrant's Device"

Beka sums up my feelings on season four | Harper and Rommie | It's big and red and shocking! | Harper and Beka, the team supreme


"Soon the Nearing Vortex"

Not quite a day at the beach | Beka and Harper are stylin' in their shades


"The Others"

Telemachus Rhade | Dylan has had better days | All hell breaks loose, with Beka and Harper in the middle


"Fear Burns Down to Ashes"



"Lost in a Space That Isn't There"

Beka has the situation (and her crewmembers) covered


"Abridging the Devil's Divide"

Harper, captured and wearing a sleep deprivation device


"Trusting the Gordian Maze"

Harper, Rommie, elven Beka (just kidding), and Trance | Harper and Rommie | "elven" Beka


"A Symmetry of Imperfection"

Dylan won't let Harper go back | Harper sees the new Rommie | Hologram Andromeda and Rommie


"Time Out of Mind"

wee Beka


"The Dissonant Interval, Part 1"

Louisa Messerau, out of Moira by Jordan | Trance watches the Worldship shoot


"The Dissonant Interval, Part 2"

Harper watches Rommie's end | the look of the evolved Magog | Trance's eyes flare as she sends Dylan off


Starlog   March #296

"The Widening Gyre": "It was all a dream, right?"

"Bunker Hill": Harper, cousin Brendan, and Rommie | from the barrel of a gun | Dylan in the track suit (Noooo!) and Harper


Origin Unknown

Dylan | Rommie | Tyr | Harper | Beka | second season pre-"Ouroboros" Trance



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The pace is catching up with Beka in 'It Makes a Lovely Light'